Apple iPhone 5c to be added to vintage listing and limit its technical support


While Apple launches a new iphone every year, it also has this practice of adding its older phones to the vintage products listings page. Although that does not matter much, but once the product is listed in the vintage products listing page, the technical support offered to the device begins to dwindle. The actual aim of the company is to consider the old device as outdated and encourage the customers to upgrade their respective devices.

Apple has said that it lists the iPhone 5c in vintage after it has not been sold in the market for more than five years. This is not just applied to the iPhones, but Apple does this to its entire portfolio that includes Apple Watches, iPads, Macs and Apple TVs. When the product is moved to the vintage products, Apple limits the user’s access to support for the device and that also includes the in-store tech help. The Cupertino based giant on its website said that vintage products are those that have not been sold in the market for more than 5 years and less than 7 years ago.

The statement on the website added that its iPhones, Mac, iPod and Apple TV vintage products will continue to get hardware service from the official Apple service providers as per the law. The uses of the vintage devices can get hardware support from Apple Retail Stores but would be subject to the availability of inventory.

The company had launched the iPhone 5c in 2013 which was the low-cost alternative device for the iPhone 5. The device had become popular and more users had switched to iOS due to the device. It has an 8 MP Camera with an A6 chip and was available in five vibrant colors of green , yellow, blue, pink and white. The Apple 5c will no longer be useful in 2022 which means that Apple will no longer offer any support. However, the users, who would like to continue to use those devices, need to keep it in a good condition and get them repaired only from authorized Apple partners.

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