4 Best ways you can make use of Alexa at home


The Amazon Echo is one of the most useful devices out in the market and is surely a good investment as it can be useful if you know how to make the best use of it in different rooms of your house. It is powered by the Assistant Alexa which does a number of things that you cannot even imagine. If you have an Echo at home, you should know how to make the best use of Alexa it in each location of the house.

1. Echo with Alexa in your living room –If you have a habit of watching lot of Netflix and want your TV speakers a little more louder, you can make your Echo do it for you. Use them to improve the volume and it will also help you to create a surround sound effect.

2. In your bedroom – Some people like to hear some soothing sounds before they want to fall asleep while some just like to watch a movie over the weekend. This is when the Echo Show comes to the rescue and its display lights will also prevent you from falling asleep. People who are concerned about the privacy can turn off the camera or just cover the lens with a sticker.

3. Alexa in the garage – The garage is a place where your hands are going to be busy. An Echo Dot or an Echo speaker with Alexa will play music for you, tell you what time it is and if you have a smart garage, then it can also help you to open the garage door.

4. Alexa in the kitchen – People who love to spend time in the kitchen while inventing the best dishes or just churning out some love for their loved ones, the Amazon Echo is just the right companion. It will read out a recipe or even help to control some of the smart home devices in the kitchen.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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