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Sony launches PS5 Remote Play app for PS4


PlayStation 4 users now have a special ability that has been added by Sony. The gamers can now stream content from a PS5 console with the help of a Remote Play. It was on November 9, 2020 when the PS4 system menu showed the PS5 Remote Play app. The app was released silently by the company and allows the users to connect to the PS5 remotely and they can also control it over the internet. The beauty of the app is that the gamers with the help of the app can access the next generation content on their last generation console while being at a different location.

The feature seems exciting, but to make it work, there is a process. The gamer needs to connect a PS4 console to a PS5 with the help of the Remote Play feature which can happen only from the newer console’s system menu. It can be discovered automatically or by Wi-Fi. The gamer can also enter a code that has been supplied to them. It is presumed that the app will be allowing the users to play the PlayStation 5 games with the help of the DualShock 4 controller. But it is a device that a next-generation console will not be allowing.

At present, the DualSense controller for PS5 is not compatible with the PS4. But the DualShock 4 will be working with the PlayStation 4 games on the PS5 by backwards compatibility. Sony has an array of special peripherals like the flight sticks, arcade sticks and the licensed racing wheels, which will now work with the PS5. Even the Gold Wireless and Platinum Headsets, third party headsets that can be connected to audio jack or USB port will also be compatible with the PS5.

It was in the month of October, when Sony revamped the PS4 Remote Play App on PC, mobile and Mac and also changed the name to PS Remote Play. The company also added the option to connect to the PS5 when it actually comes out.

Photo Credits: videogameschronicle

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