Ring video doorbells recalled over fire incidences


Ring is a smart home brand of Amazon and is facing a technical issue. The company has recalled 350,000 of its 2nd generation video door bells that are sold in the United States. Reports say that the Ring is vulnerable to catch fire and could also lead to burns. A notice was published by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that stated that the company has received about 23 reports of the doorbells which are igniting and also causing a minor damage to the properties that have installed the device.

There are about eight reports of minor burns. The official site of Ring has mentioned that the affected doorbells need not be returned but the users will have to follow the updated instructions. Ring has also mentioned that there is no risk of the doorbell has not been installed correctly but has clarified that the device can overheat if the wrong screws have been used during installation.

The company has also notified that there are about 85 people who have used the wrong screws that can affect the working of the battery. Ring has published a new set of instructions for its video door bell that has specifically mentioned that the users are not supposed to use any incorrect screws other than the ‘smart security screws’ that helps to secure the video doorbell to the bracket. The instruction has mentioned a diagram that has shown how a security screw looks like and how a wood screw looks like.

Ring in a statement said that the customers need not have to return the devices and that they would continue to work and cooperate with the CPSC on the problem that has surfaced. The company has also said that they have reached out to the customers who have purchased the Ring Vide Doorbell 2nd generation to make sure that they have received an u[dated user manual and would ask them to follow the device installation instructions.

Photo Credits: Tech hive

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