SnapChat launches in-app competitor to TikTok


Seems like, Snapchat is ready to compete with the popular video creating and sharing app TikTok. The new section inside the app will be paying the creators of the videos and has christened it as Spotlight. The content here will be similar to memes and will be funny instead of the everyday content that the company had earlier spoken about. Basically it is just TikTok inside Snapchat.

The company with the launch of the new section has high expectations from it and has also predicted that by the end of 2020, it will have the most popular creators on the platform. This has clearly indicated that if a person has a viral video then he has a potential to earn $1 million. The difference here is, it will not matter if the person has huge number of subscribers and that the amount that they will get will be based on the unique views compared to the other snaps on that day. Another point is that the users would continue to earn from the video, if it is popular for a number of days.

Spotlight will be launching with its own dedicated tab on the application and will be out in 11 countries including Germany, France, United Kingdom and Australia. Users can create videos of up to 60 seconds and for now it cannot be watermarked. Which means , people cannot just download the videos from TikTok and upload them on Spotlight. Once the users click on the tab, they will be able to see what Snap thinks you might enjoy. It will be based on the decision on what the users have seen in the past.

People who are familiar with TikTok, might realize that the Snap format is pretty similar. But the difference here is that Snap will not feature a public comment feature. Even the profiles would be private by default. The users will also have the option to keep their accounts locked and can still post content.

Photo Credits: The independent

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