Apple launches the AirPods Max over-ear headphones

airpods max

Cupertino based giant Apple has come up with news newest hardware the AirPods Max wireless headphones. The AirPods Max will be bringing the experience of the AirPods to an over-ear design that has high-fidelity sound. The new audio hardware has a unique acoustic design with advanced software and H1 chips. The technology used in the AirPods Max is expected to give a brand new listening experience to the users and with Adaptive EQ, Transparency Mode, Active Noise Cancellation and Spatial Audio. The device is available to order starting from December 8, 2020 and the availability will begin from December 15, 2020.

The brand new AirPods Max will be available in silver, space gray, green, sky blue and pink. Greg Joswiak, the senior vice president at Worldwide Marketing said that the AirPods are the most popular headphones in the world and are known for their effortless setup as well as top class sound quality and off-course an outstanding design. Going by the design, each and every part of the device has been carefully curated. The canopy, aircushions and every part of the AirPods Max has been carefully made and crafted to give that perfect fit and listening experience to the users.

There is a knit mesh canopy that is breathable along with a headband that helps to reduce the pressure on the head. It has a stainless steel head band frame that helps to provide with that extra strength, comfort as well as flexibility. It is also makes it comfortable for those with different head shapes and sizes. The device has a telescopic headband that can be adjusted according to your shape and size.

Another interesting feature of the device is that it can automatically detect when it is on a user’s head with the optical position and position sensors. When they are in place the AirPods Max plays audio and it can pause when they are removed.

Photo Credits: Apple

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