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Games become popular in UK as lockdowns continue


While the year 2020 has been tough on a number of sectors due to the coronavirus pandemic, a few sectors have seen some good days. The games sector was the one that made the most of the phase and the Christmas time has been one of the best ever for the gaming industry. A few countries continue in lockdown and technological improvements and new console launches have added to the benefit. PC gaming platform Steam has recorded the largest Christmas Day when it comes to the figures and statistics.

More than 25 million people had logged in to the service at 3:10 pm UK time and out of that more than 6 million people were playing a game concurrently. The figure was way up than the figure of 15 million people who had logged in the year 2019 during Christmas. However, giants like Microsoft and Sony are suspiciously silent over the player counts for their Xbox and PlayStations. But still both the companies managed to celebrate the season with good numbers indeed. Sony and Microsoft continue to sell their latest PlayStations and Xboxes.

On the other hand Nintendo continues to remain satisfied with its existing consoles and has not announced any plans for the sequel of its successful console Switch. The fact remains that it does not need an upgrade or a replacement as its consoles continue to remain sold out. Nintendo was actually the first to see an improvement in its sales during the pandemic and its Animal Crossing: New Horizons worked like icing on the cake. The game has already become popular across the globe and has also brought together 11 million people together.

While the pandemic has fallen hard on technology, but the future does seem good. The upcoming year is expected to see some wide variety of games from different companies for a more diverse audience. More people are expected to join the virtual world to embrace games of all kinds.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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