Samsung announces OLED screens of superior quality for laptops


The company that excels in OLED panels is Samsung. But so far it has been keeping itself away from making larger sized OLED panels for the devices like laptops and TVs until 2019. But now a fresh announcement has been made by the South Korean giant that it is all set to expand to make OLED panels for laptops that would offer superior image quality.

Samsung has posted a new video on YouTube that has hinted about some of the important qualities of OLED screens for laptops. The new screens will be offering ultrapure color and cinematic effect. Samsung Display has also claimed that it will have all other features that are in the OLED screens like deep black along with excellent visibility that comes under direct sunlight. Another noteworthy feature of the OLED screens for laptops by Samsung is that it provides 120 percent DCI-P3 color gamut coverage and 85 percent HDR coverage.

Samsung Display is confident about its excellent quality bright highlights and details in the dark scenes. More details about the upcoming OLED displays are about to be revealed at The First Look event to be held on January 6, 2021. The company is eagerly looking forward to expand its laptop OLED lineup in the mass market segment. Meanwhile Samsung has already come up with its laptop line up in 2021, but they do not have the new OLED screens.

But it is expected that the company could launch more laptops later in 2021 with the new OLED screens. Samsung Display has supplied OLED screens to some of the laptop manufacturers like Lenovo, Dell, ASUS and Razer. The company has assured that it will soon be launching a 15.6 inch full HD OLED panel. With the recent announcement, it seems like Samsung is exploring to attract more revenue from different segments of its businesses. Like many companies, the South Korean smartphone giant is also struggling with its smartphone business.

Photo Credits: CNET

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