Lasso to come up with a machine that recycles garbage


Recycling is one of the biggest problems in the world. While a number of individuals and manufacturers in the world indulge in recycling, it continues to be an issue as the awareness is not widespread. What things can be recycled depends on the place you live and just in case if there is a contamination, then it could land up in the land fills. But the company Lasso Loop Recycling is coming up with a recycling solution for every house hold.

The company has made a machine that can collect, clean, and also sort the garbage so it can be recycled. It looks like another kitchen appliance, but it cannot be placed by the side of your washing machine, refrigerator or dishwasher. Lasso is still being developed but might have a vertical slot of disposing items. Inside the machine will be equipped with a number of cameras and sensors that will sense and analyse the packaging and also decide if it is recyclable. And if it is not then like any other vending machine, the machine will spit the item out.

After the recycling process, the final material will be placed in a dedicated compartment at the bottom of the machine. With the help of an app, the users will come to know of one or all of the compartments are full and they will be able to organize a collection of the material. A driver will then pick it up and be confident that the material could be used to make new products. With the upcoming machine, there are all the possibilities that the need for recycling plants could be reduced in future as the material could just be collected from the manufacturers and be turned in to new products that do not require any additional material.

CEO of Lasso, Aldous Hicks expressed that the price of the machine could be a problem and informed that the prototype of it should be ready by this quarter.

Photo Credits: Lasso Loop

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