Google launches a new feature to inform about a site before you visit it


Search engine giant Google has got another feature for the users. It is introducing a new feature that will help the user to find more information about the websites that show up on the search engine. For now the feature will be available for people living in the US only. Besides every search result, the users will be able to see three dots icon and when you type one of those, it will show a description of the website that is on the other side of the link.

In most of the cases, the information that will be displayed will be sources from Wikipedia but there are also possibilities that the search engine could point the users to its own services. In that case, the users will get a short description on how it has sourced the data. But there are also possibilities that not enough information could be available on a particular website and in that case at least the basic information will be provided. In any case, there is going to be a note if the connection to the website is secure through HTTPS.

Google has claimed that the new feature allows the users to do a few things. The first one is that it is going to save the efforts of the users to search about the website that they are going to visit. The second one is that the panels will allow the users to make valid and informed decisions as to how to use the internet connection as it will provide a peace of mind if they are looking for some important information for instance, financial advice.

For now it seems like the search engine is heavily depending on Wikipedia and the descriptions will have only the summaries that are found on the sites. It is known that the editors at Wikipedia are not perfect and that they have not written about all the website that are out there.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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