WhatsApp bug causes the app to crash for number of iOS users


iPhone users across the globe faced a tough time while accessing the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp on December 14, 2021. Due too unknown reasons, it was found that the iOS app was crashing as soon as the user tried to open it. The issue was affecting a number of users across the globe for a few hours.

The users who faced such issues took their respective Twitter accounts and said that their WhatsApp has simple stopped working on the iPhone. It was then confirmed that the problem was caused due to a bug as the application crashed the moment the user tried to open it. The problem had made it impossible for the users to access the conversation list or send messages to others. The strangest part was that there were no recent WhatsApp updates that were released on the App Store and even the beta version of the instant messaging app (available through TestFlight) was crashing for no reason.

The problem has indicated that it might have been caused due to the servers of Facebook and not due to any malfunction on the iOS app. The user report has said that the bug has affected the regular WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business apps. However, some of the users have opined that the recent problem is associated with the iOS 15.2 update and that the app has also been facing problems with some of the earlier versions of the mobile operating system of Apple. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is yet to acknowledge the problem related to the bug.

The instant messaging service has millions of active users and the company has been launching new features, mostly related to privacy to enhance the user experience. Such glitches in the service disrupts the individuals as well as the businesses who depend on such services. For some it can also causes losses. The company is soon expected to come up with a solution for the outage.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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