WhatsApp to allow users to rehearse voice messages before sending


A new feature by WhatsApp might be a good news for people who are habitual of using the voice message feature. The company has been focusing on bringing improvements to the voice message feature in recent times. WhatsApp will now allow the users to preview the voice messages first before they actually send them. So far, the voice message could be sent directly after recording and did not allow any preview before sending it.

While talking about the voice message features, it has so far introduced to play messages at a faster speed and also introduced improvements on how they appear. Voice messages are actually more convenient for the users who are spared from typing long messages, especially when their hands are engaged somewhere else. It also helps to convey the message with the right emotions more clearly. These messages are easier to record and can be done while the user is walking, driving or cooking. The only drawback is that they are sent directly and does not allow a preview. But now the user can have a preview before they are sent.

The user has to just scroll the microphone button upwards and then press the stop button after they have done with the recording. The user will then be able to listen to the voice message and decide if they would like to send it or would like to discard it. The feature is now available on all the devices including web, iOS, Android and the desktop versions.

While these are just a few to mention, Meta is also working towards introducing more enhancements for the voice messages on the instant messaging services. Reports say that the company is also working towards a transcription service. WhatsApp has been introducing a number of features in recent times to its service to improve the user experience and to also protect its privacy.

Photo Credits: 91 mobiles

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