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Motorola ready to launch third generation Razr foldable smartphone


The market for foldable markets continues to be unpredictable, but also continues to be lucrative. Motorola, who is not new in the foldable smartphone segment, is now working on a new version of its Razr foldable smartphones. The information on the new smartphone was mentioned on a Weibo post that came from Chen Jin, the general manager at Lenovo Mobile Business Group in China, who has mentioned about how the company has been quietly working on a new addition to its line-up of foldable phones.

Motorola had recently launched a couple of foldable smartphones that came with a hefty price tag but did not have much to offer. The post has also mentioned that the phone would have a better processor along with a better interface and also a few changes in its appearance. As of now, it cannot be said as to how different would be the third generation smartphone from the previous one. The original Razr foldable was launched in 2019 when the gadget enthusiasts had a lot of expectations but it could not keep up. The second generation was launched with a few bumps with added 5G.

With the previous bumps, it is now expected that the third generation of the Razr foldable would be able to charm the audience. As of now the market for foldable phones is currently dominated by the Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 that has a price tag of $1000. With the recent announcement, it clearly seems like Motorola is not giving up in terms of the revival of its Razr foldable.

Talking about the upcoming device, it seems like the new foldable would be first launched in China and more announcements in terms of the specifications are expected to be out in the upcoming days. It would be interesting to see what upgrade the company has in store for its promising foldable. Manuella Foz, the spokesperson for Motorola refused to comment anything on the future devices.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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