Instagram appeals to stop reposting TikTok videos


The competition in the social media platform is surely intense, but Instagram is making sure and making every effort to make sure that the users remain entertained and find every possible convenience with usage. Now the platform is making a creator-focused change. As per the head Adam Mosseri, the new feature is to make sure that the credit goes to people who actually deserve it. The new changes are divided in three parts.

First the product tags are now available for all, which means that the users can tag a product in their post. Next, the user can assign themselves as a ‘photographer’ ‘writer’ or a ‘rapper’ and the category will be showed every time the user is tagged in a post. The third and the most important one is that the platform will now begin to move towards heavily promoting original content. Mosseri explained about it in a video and said that if a person has made a video from scratch, then that person deserves to get more credit than the person who is re-sharing something that has been found by someone else.

The Instagram chief assured that they are trying to make more attempts to value original content and that the company would here after lean more towards this direction. With the new message, the company is sending out the message that the users need to stop posting their favorite TikTok videos to Reels. On the other hand Meta has made its stance clear that it sees Facebook and Instagram as creator-focused platforms, instead of being tools for people to connect with their friends.

Both the platforms have also invested in shopping tools which are ways to build audience. The users will also have the ability to do a lot more things that would encourage creators to stop being TikTokers or YouTubers. The company aims to make users as Instagrammers and Facebookers.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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