Apple unveils menstrual cycle tracking health apps

APple Watch

Cupertino based company Apple has unveiled a menstrual cycle tracking and health hearing apps along with other health-related updates at the company’s annual developer’s conference on June 3, 2019. This is called Cycle Tracking and women can log their symptoms to receive notifications when their periods are about to begin and receive a fertility window prediction. The app will be available on Apple’s Watch and iPhone.

Apple Vice President of Health Sumbul Desai said, “We are so excited to bring more focus to this incredibly important aspect of women’s health”. The company has made health as one of its top priorities with CEO Tim Cook informing a leading daily in January, 2019 that it is focused on democratizing health care and he thinks health care will be its greatest contribution to mankind. Apple’s commitment was showcased at the annual event that highlighted software updates on June 3, 2019.

The tech giant has also introduced hearing health app for the Watch known as Noise that uses the microphone of the Watch to detect decibel levels and warn people if it has reached a level that can harm their hearing overtime. Desai added, “Since hearing loss is often so gradual, it’s important to know when the sounds around you are loud enough to impact your hearing, like when you’re in the middle of a construction zone, at a sporting event or playing your music really loud to drown out your singing voice”. In the era of privacy issues, Desai assured that the app will not record or save the audio as it is one of the many issues that the company faces over their data practices.

The Watch will also be able to record people’s activity trends while helping them see if they are becoming more or less active and pushing them to get back on track of they start slipping.

Photo Credits: ABC

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