Instagram launches new Drops for online shopping within the app


Instagram has created a fresh space for business. Sellers will now be able to connect with the online shoppers to product drops with the help of its app. The feature Drops is the latest trend in new-commerce where the sellers seek attention of the buyers for the upcoming products during the days or weeks after which the product will be available. Such products would usually be limited in stock and this will help to increase the demand.

Instagram has made a fresh and exclusive space for Drops right inside the app and can be found at the top of the Shop tab. Here the prospective buyers will be able to shop, find and browse the latest products and will also be able to know about the upcoming launches. The prospective buyers will also be having the option to sign up so they can receive reminders of the products that they would be interested in. They will also be able to browse through the collection of products from other drops.

This will be different from the other drops where the buyers were directed to the site of the seller. Here the buyers will be able to shop in the Instagram app itself and they will not have to visit the third party websites. Such a model will also allow the photo sharing site to collect some fees on the purchases. This has become a common trend and can also be found on Facebook’s overall business model.

But the good news is that Instagram has for the time being waived its selling fees and that will help the businesses to recover from the loss suffered due to the COVID-19 induced lockdowns. The new move will also help to gain confidence of the online shoppers. The new Drops will organize the product launches at a single place making it easy for the buyers to checkout and shop.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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