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Google launches night sight videos for Pixel phones


Search engine giant Google had some fresh updates that were announced at the I/O developer conference held in May, 2021. The announcements had included some of the new features which have already started to roll out. Some of the interesting new features include Locked Folder in Photos and Night Sight videos in its Pixel phones.

Apart from being password protected, the feature of Locked Folder will also function like a local space for the phone where the users will be able to have their pictures that they do not want to be automatically uploaded to Photos account as it could get viewed there. This could happen if the user has a partner who has the sign in information. The feature will allow the users to have an option where they can select to save the images directly to the locked folder. They can also move the images that have already been taken.

The Locked Folder can be found in the Utilities Section of the app. However, the pictures and the videos cannot be seen in the shared devices, memories or other apps on the device as it will require the passcode of the phone or fingerprint in order to gain access. An update has also been given to the Night Sight Camera mode that manages to capture stills even under low light conditions. It can now support videos as well.

The new features are all an extension to the existing features to more parts of the world. For instance the car crash detection will be launched in Spain, Singapore and Ireland apart from the US, UK and Australia where the feature is already available. Moreover, the company has also added some new Pride- themed wallpapers , notifications and ringtones to commemorate the LGBTQ community this month. The features that have been announced will be rolled out gradually and if the users are not able to see it then they should try updating their apps.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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