WhatsApp to give voice messages a new look


A new Beta test has shown that WhatsApp is looking forward to bring changes in its voice messages look. Going by the changes and tests it seems like the company is keen on keeping its look updated. After the new wallpaper theming options, the instant messaging app is now all set to give its voice messages a new look. The fresh look of the voice messages section was activated for a limited time on the latest WhatsApp beta which seemed like it was pulled through a server-side update.

The service has been pulled back, but some of the screen shots have given a good idea as to what the users can expect from the upcoming look. The current look has scrubbing bar while the new look will have a wave form that can help the users to find the relevant parts of the message and that would be similar to what is seen on Facebook Messenger, Telegram an iMessage. However, one of the users has opined that the waveforms makes it impossible to scrub the message front and back and that forces the users to wait for the entire message to play. This could be one of the main reasons, why WhatsApp decided to drop the look.

Another interface change has been discovered in a yet to be released WhatsApp version. When a voice message is sent, the user can see the preview of the waveform when they talk. This will assure the users that their microphone is working well and their voice is recording what they say.

The upcoming feature could be a good change as currently, WhatsApp does not show a visual gauge when the microphone is picking up the voice. For now the visuals are only seen for the iOS version, the testing is also expected to be made for Android. WhatsApp has currently deactivated the new look, but the users can regularly check the beta version for updates.

Photo Credits: XDA developers

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