Ryanair expands digital services, introduces Google Flight Search

Irish low-cost airline Ryanair has teamed up with Google Flight Search in an attempt to provide an easier way to compare fares for its routes, as well as direct links to book on the website of the airline. The recent step has been made in order to improve its service.

ryan air

David Robles Fosg, the business development principle for Google Travel said, “Research suggests that users tend to visit around 20 different sites before they book a flight.” He went on to say that the search engine wants to help the company to improve travel experience by significantly reducing the time that passengers spend on researching and booking flights.

With this in mind, Google Flight Search has been introduced as the new solution. The service allows users to compare a number of flight options from services across the globe, including one of the largest airlines in Europe. The partnership between Ryanar and Google Flight Search will enable users in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada and the US to view prices of the flights in their local currency and Irish users will be able to see the prices in US dollars.

In addition to that, search results will have Ryanair flights to and from 186 airports in Europe and north Africa, amounting to 1,600 routes and will be listed by relevance and price.

Photo Credits: Tnooz

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