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Supersmoker introduces e-cigarette with built-in speaker, microphone

The Netherlands-based company has created an e-cigarette that is able to make and receive calls. The company, Supersmoker has introduced the e-cigarette, which is the first electronic smoking device in the world with the ability to wirelessly connect to users’ smartphones and tablets.


The device has an in-built speaker and microphone that are connected to it and the e-cigarette can also be used to stream music. The latest device’s built-in Bluetooth can be activated with the help of the middle button that needs to be pressed until the battery makes a noise and vibrates. The device can then be paired with other Bluetooth-enabled device.

When a person calls on the connected phone, users of Supersmoker can answer it by pressing the middle button once again. The device can also be used to stream music from a smartphone or a tablet which is connected and the volume buttons are located on the bottom of the cigarette.

The e-cigarette also comes with a ‘sucker’ and key chain, which means that it can be stuck or hung up in any location while the user is listening to music. The device will be priced at €79.95 and can also be shipped internationally. The company said that at Supersmoker Bluetooth, they are constantly trying to make users’ e-smoking experience more enjoyable.

Photo Credits: Jagran

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