Google+ introduces profile view counter feature

Social networking site Google+ of the search engine Google has introduced a new feature, thanks to which users can see how many people have visited their profile. The social networking site might not be as popular as Twitter or Facebook, but it does have a number of loyal users of its own.

A security personnel answers a call at the reception counter of the Google office in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad

As of now, users can check pages of their friends and colleagues to see the total number of views and compare the popularity. If you are not able to see the count, then it is possible that they have opted not to include it on their profile. Users can choose if they want the number of views to be shown or not, so per their preference, they can check or uncheck the box which is next to ‘Show how many times your profile and content have been viewed’.

Moreover, business users who have a Google+ Page are able to control the setting by visiting Pages and then clicking on Manage This Page. On the top left corner, user has to select Dashboard, then Settings and scroll to Profile.

The same instructions have to be followed to check or uncheck the view count box. For now, the counter is available on the Web and Android and iOS devices, but the ability to adjust the setting is not yet accessible through mobile. However, the search engine has pointed out that the counts might not be exact.

Photo Credits: Aninews

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