YouTube to invest in its YouTube stars

With online video competition increasing, YouTube to invest in its YouTube stars.

In a bid to keep their ‘stars’ happy, Google owned YouTube announced that it will be launching an initiative that will help them to keep creating high-quality content. In a blog post, Head of YouTube Original Content, Alex Carloss said, “Now, we feel the time is right to make another important investment in our creators.”

YouTube to invest in its Youtube stars

Google is planning on investing “millions” in this initiative that they believe will really benefit their stars and help them create better and more content for the video-sharing website. The US-based tech giant will be investing this money in its top-earning original content creators.

This approach from YouTube has been used previously, where they invest in stars who have a big following on the site, instead of finding new talent from outside the YouTube universe.

According to a report on Recode, YouTube is also planning on pairing YouTube talent with traditional Hollywood producers.

Currently, creators on YouTube make money through shared advertising revenue with the website, but creators have been complaining about the revenues not being high enough to compensate the makers for their work. People also earn by integrated sponsorship with companies within their videos and this money is not shared with YouTube.

Apart from Google, Yahoo has also been investing in the online content market. A week back, The Wall Street Journal had reported that Facebook was trying to woo some of YouTube’s top earners to share their work on the social networking website.

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