Catholic Church sanctions ‘Confession Application’ for the Apple iPhone App store

Gadget Herald: It was one of the most unique applications ever to get a go from a religious institution; the Catholic Church has give sanctions to Apple so it can provide a Confession Application on the iPhone App Store. The application will be available on the App Store for only $1.99, where the user can start confessing his sins on the application.

The Confession Application works in a very unique way, where the technology asks you to question your own conscience on the basis of the Ten Commandments, where one can qualify a wrongdoing as a sin. But this does not eliminate the Catholic from not going to the priest for confession tradition still stays the same way.

It is quite amazing as to where technology has led us, as one may think it is pulling us away from God but this application has just debunked this thought. Such applications help people renew their faith in the Lord, and in a way keeps us healthy in one’s spiritual life.

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