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Motorola might come up with new foldable device


There is surely a generation of foldable smartphones coming up. With many smartphone companies coming up with their respective devices, Motorola might also return with its Razr phone. Foldable devices are not new for Motorola as it has earlier also released a few foldable devices. Interest in foldable devices grew after Samsung showed off its Galaxy Fold and Chinese giant Huawei showed its Mate X. A new interview has suggested that Motorola’s idea towards a new smartphone design is on its way.

The vice president of product at Motorola Dan Dery, said that the company has no intension of coming later than everybody else in the market. The foldable phone by Samsung will arrive on April 26, 2019 and will be priced at $1,980 while the Huawei’s Mate X will be arriving by mid year and might begin at a hefty price of $2,600. With other devices ready to be released, it seems like Motorola could soon release its device.

A leading daily had earlier reported that a foldable phone might arrive this summer while citing anonymous source. The interest in Motorola’s foldable phones started off in January when a report said that a phone could launch on Verizon in February carrying the iconic Razr name and could potentially have a price tag of $1,500. Patent filings by Motorola have been seen since a long time and the design seemed similar to that of the new Razr heavily influenced by the original 2004 phone.

Motorola and parent company in a statement to the USA Today, did not address about the phone directly but hinted that it has larger ambitions in terms of foldable displays. Lenovo and Motorola have always known for exploring new technologies and have always pushed the boundaries of innovation. In the past few years they have managed to change the laptop and tablet form factor wwith the help of flexible designs in a variety of forms.

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