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Cases for foldable smartphones start taking shape


Foldable smartphones are surely going to take over the market in the coming years. Phone case companies are already gearing up to figure out how the case would look like in wave of foldable phones. Spigen has become one of the first companies to work out a design. The company has shared a rough figure of three products as it is planning to release for Samsung’s Galaxy Fold.

All the cases share a similar design with the front covers protecting the top and bottom bezels of the 4.6 inch outside display and cutouts of the triple-camera system on the back. The company will be releasing three models – the Tough Armour, Ultra Hybrid and Thin Fit and all three have varied degrees of protection and ranges from a thick plastic case to a translucent wrap. The cases unveiled will be priced around $20 and will be largely made out of plastic and silicone materials like TPU, PC and PU.

The outside of the cases look similar and the only addition is a hinge that the phone case makers did not have to consider in the past. Every company designing a phone has a different approach towards the hinge. The Huawei Mate X folds outward, while Motorola seems to be working on one that flips closed and Samsung Galaxy Fold has a book like shape which uses a hinge with multiple interlocking gears inside the fold closed. So far it is not known how the case makers have designed around the mechanics of a hinge but the Spigens designs have given an idea on how they are dealing with it.

Going by the initial details it seems like it is just about wrapping the phone from outside. It is still not clear how the display of the foldable phones will be protected. It is also likely that many of the existing type of screen protectors are not going to work.

Photo Credits:  Slash Gear

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