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Form Swim Goggles will now display heart rate


Many might think that Form is already having the perfect pair of Swim Goggles , but the company is all set to add another feature, which is the heart rate tracking. Form announced that it has teamed up with fitness wearable company Polar to introduce the heart rate technology. The new software update will begin rolling out from November, 2019 for free.

The new update will make the Swim Goggles compatible with Polar’s OH1 and OH1+ heart rate sensors. The swimmers will be able to see their heart rate in their line of sight and this will be possible with the help of the Swim Goggle’s augmented reality capabilities and the tiny see-through display inside of the lenses. The Polar sensors will be attached to the goggles through a strap and sit against the swimmers temple. The data can be transmitted wirelessly and in real time to the Swim Goggles.

The data from the completed swim sessions will be synced to the Form Swim App that will match heart rate data with metrics like split times, pace, calories and stroke rates. Heart rate tracking is very important for swimmers, especially when they are doing the splits. For the first time, the swimmers will be able to see the data as they swim, without the need to pause or leaving the pool.

Dan Eisenhardt, the founder and CEO said, “By adding it to the arsenal of metrics that our goggles already deliver, we’ll empower serious swimmers to make their training even smarter and more purposeful”. The founder swam for 14 years and is aware of technology. Before FORM, Eisenhardt co-founded and also ran Recon Instrument that had shipped the world’s first smart eyewear for sports in 2010 and was later acquired by Intel in 2015. Dan has a team of talented people with experience in sports eyewear design, augmented realty optics and activity tracking algorithms.

Photo Credits: Venture Beat

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