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Light Phone II launched for those who dislike smartphones

Light phone II

Smartphones have surely become almost an integral part of modern life and there is now an anti-smartphone undercurrent that is going around the internet. These point out towards the dangers of social disassociation and smartphone addiction that result from having our faces glued to the screens. In order to strike some kind of a balance, the Light Phone II and its predecessor try to go back to the basics and now offer an anti-smartphone experience to those who are willing to pay the upfront price for that new lifestyle.

The Light Phone II can be called as a feature or a dumb phone back in the days. It is basic and offers only calls, messages and an alarm clock. The star up Light has a remote web-based phone management system that allows the users to add more features like music player, calculator, notes and even ride-sharing, but these are all marked as coming soon.

The focus of the Light Phone II is to let your smartphone at home and live life without distractions and interact with humans like you are supposed to. This is why despite the addition of some of the tools in future, Light will remain adamant and will never add social media or even email apps. The users can use the computer for that if they really need to.

Light Phone II is ready to ship to backers after a successful round of crowdfunding. But now it is also ready to be purchased for those who want the same experience. The users can order for an unlocked one from the website of Light for $350, which is available in black and light gray. The price point makes it a direct rival to another tiny $350 phone. The Light Phone II utilizes an e-paper display to prolong the battery life but the competitor, Palm Phone is just a tiny Android phone that still offers many of the bells and whistles and therefore distractions of a full-fledged phone.

Photo Credits: Engadget

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