Apple ditches thin designs for better functionality


So far gadget enthusiasts were under the impression that thin is good, as it saves space and makes things look leaner and mobile. But now Cupertino based giant Apple is looking forward to make its devices thicker. The reason behind this is to give a better functionality. The company has already come out with instances with its recently launched iPhones and the new 16-inch MacBook Pro. This could just be a prediction but things have started to change in terms of tech since the chief design chief officer at Apple, Jony Ive left.

During Ive’s tenure, fans could see some gorgeous products of Apple, but all were at the cost of functionality. Though no offence has been made to the abilities of Ive and his creativity but it has been noticeable when looked at the iPhones that were made in the past many years along with the iPad, AirPods and also the Apple Watch. All the products mentioned did have Ive’s hand in it. It can be noticed that may be just a part of such products had a few flaws for the fact that they were too thin. For instance, the iPhone 8 which has just 7.3 mm of thickness is an example of Apple’s passion to make devices thin and attractive, but the major flaw was that it lacked a god battery life.

Apple does take lessons from the past and this time it has focused on battery as it is one of the few things that people had complained of (apart from great cameras). Since the battery is bigger, the phone thickness this year is 8.3 mm. The change is hardly noticeable but Apple is aware that people can give up on the thickness of the phone for a better battery life.

Even the recently launched 16-inch MacBook Pro which is just about 1 mm thicker than the 15 inch MacBook Pro has shown a thicker new device from Apple. Though the difference is just about 2 percent.

Photo Credits:Wccftech

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