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Nintendo Switch to be launched in China

After a long wait, the official Chinese variant of the Nintendo Switch is all set to be launched in mainland China in the upcoming week. The announcement has been made by Tencent and Nintendo and the bundle will be priced at 2,099 yuan and will include a copy of the new Super Mario Bros Deluxe. China gaming analyst Daniel Ahmed has informed that so far it is the only title that has been approved for sale and the other titles like the Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 is also expected to be rolled out soon.

For now it seems like it is just Tencent and Nintendo who will be launching the original version of the Switch model. The pre-orders have started from December 3, 2019 in China and the console is all set to officially go on sale from December 10, 2019. It was earlier informed that the Switch, that is powered by Tencent, has the Chinese internet giant’s service in a couple of ways and includes the cloud infrastructure that works as a base for online gaming and the ability to buy games from eShop with WeChat Pay. Meanwhile, Tencent will be presenting and working on localization of games with Simplified Chinese.

China is a market that is huge for the gaming industry and the launch of the Switch might not be a big deal for the locals and not even for Nintendo. The market is dominated with mobile gaming and PC , but still the imported consoles continue to be available in the grey market. The upcoming official Nintendo Switch will come with some of the fresh local titles and some of the Chinese gamers are excited for the launch, but even Nintendo is not so confident if it would face a boost in terms of sales.

President and CEO Shuntaro Furukawa told the investors that it is not expecting any impact in terms of sale.

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