Segway launched S-Pod chair to be used at theme parks and campuses


Personal transport manufacturer Segway, known for making personal devices used for short transportation, has come up with a new and innovative product. This is an ear of electric vehicles when petroleum vehicles are on the verge of going extinct. While many might have heard about electric bikes, electric cars and even electric scooters, but how will an electric chair sound? Segway has come up with such an innovative concept which looks more like a futuristic wheelchair designed for those who do not actually need a wheelchair.

While talking about its usefulness, the company has envisioned it to be used for people who would like to navigate at places like huge theme parks, airports, college campuses and other similar places which have huge areas and it becomes tough to walk all the way down. This means that it cannot be used as a vehicle that can be driven on the road lanes, but can be used as a luxury at places which have big walking areas.

Traditionally the Segway vehicles can be controlled by leaning the body forward or backward, but here the S-Pod can be navigated with the help of a joystick. Many might be a little confused to differentiate the S-Pod from a normal powered wheelchair that has four wheels. It is not clear for what the extra wheels have been given. It has to be clarified that, the new S-Pod by Segway has not been designed for people who need a wheelchair. It is clearly for the big spaces where walking might become tiresome and S-Pod can help to reduce the time and effort taken by walking.

Segway will be launching the S-Pod during the third quarter of 2020 and the customers will be able to purchase the vehicle only by 2021. The company is yet to give any more details on its other features and pricing. Segway is known for manufacturing two-wheeled and self-balancing personal transporters.

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