Apple launches COVID-19 application and website based on CDC


Cupertino based company Apple is also taking efforts to deal with the ongoing crisis related to the COVID-19 virus. The company has revealed new screening tools, along with set of resources that will help people to remain informed and take appropriate steps to protect them from the ongoing COVID-19 virus. It will be based on the latest (Centres for Disease Control) guidance. Apple’s new COVID-19 website and the COVID-19 app is now available on the App Store and have been created jointly with the CDC, the White House Coronavirus Tash Force and the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).

The names have been mentioned so that people begin to trust with the information and guidance at a time when the United States is having a tough time dealing with the increasing number of infections. The application will not just provide information but will also allow the users to answer some questions related to the risk factors, recent exposure and some of the symptoms for themselves or their family members. The users will also receive recommendations provided by the CDC on the next steps to be taken and will also include guidance on social distancing and self-isolation. Information will also be provided on ways to closely monitor your symptoms and if a test is recommended or not and when to contact a medical provider.

The website and the application by Apple offers access to the information so the people can be informed and could get support when they need. The users will also be able to get answers to some of the frequently asked questions including who is most at risk and how to recognize the symptoms. The CDC will also be providing the latest information on best practices to wash hands, disinfecting surfaces monitoring the symptoms.

The customers can also ask SIRI questions like ‘How to recognize symptoms of coronavirus?” and could also get access to the guidelines straight from the CDC.

Photo Credits: The Verge

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