Sony and Microsoft come together to build AI powered cameras


Tech giants Sony and Microsoft have joined hands to work on the AI-powered cameras. The companies have said that together they will be working towards embedding the AI capabilities of Microsoft’s Azure in to the new image sensor known as IMX500 by Sony. The sensor comes with an AI chip that helps to process real time information. The chip has such capabilities that it can count the number of people who are entering a store or a residence for instance or could even track the items on the shelves on the store.

Sony will also be working on an application that will support the IMX500 which is powered by the Azure ioT. Here the customers will be able to have access to the video analytics capabilities and can also simplify their work flow. One thing is clear that the AI powered cameras of the companies are meant for the enterprise customers and are focusing the hardware manufacturers as well, who can install their AI cameras. The companies can also approach the independent software vendors who work on computer vision and video analytics.

While giving out further information, Terushi Shimizu an executive at Sony in a statement said that by linking the excellent Cloud AI services of Microsoft with the innovative imaging and sensing tech of Sony they will be able to deliver a powerful as well as a convenient platform to the smart camera market.

This is not the first time the two companies have joined hands for a project on Artificial Intelligence. In 2019, the two giants had joined hands to make cloud solutions for gaming and content streaming. Sony has also said that it will soon start using the data centres of Microsoft for its game and streaming platforms. If things work out as planned, the project could be a promising device for the businesses and stores across the globe that find is hard to keep a count on the crowd.

Photo Credits:  PDN Online

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