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OnePlus 8 now being offered at $100 less on every configuration

oneplus 8

OnePlus has got some great news for its loyal smartphone lovers. The company has cut the price of its OnePlus 8 on its official website and on Amazon. Every configuration of the device will be available for a massive $100 dollar less than before. Here the most affordable option will be with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB Storage that is available at $599 instead of the original price of $699. However̥, this price is currently only available at and the offer is only on the glacial green color.

There is also the upgraded version 12 GB RAM and 256 GB Storage that will be available at $699 instead of the original price of $799 and the offer is available for the interstellar glow color. Buyers to opt to buy from or Amazon will receive a smartphone that is unlocked and will also be compatible with the telecommunication networks like Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T. The Verizon also sells the OnePlus 8 on its store , but there is no discount on the phone that is priced at $799. This means that it is wise for the buyers to go for the device available on Amazon or OnePlus.

The company has been offering a lot of discounts in recent times in order to pick up the dwindling smartphone market. While the economy across the globe is trying to get back on track, companies are coming up with their respective strategies by offering discounts or launching products which are affordable to people.

This is surely a tough time on the smartphone market, when people are not really interested in upgrading their smartphones amidst a time when many people have lost their jobs or are receiving only a part of their salaries. Attempts are being made by businesses to keep a track of their prospective clients or understand their needs under the circumstances. Chinese companies are trying hard to get back post pandemic.

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