Zoom chats launches new filters and studio effects


American telecommunications tech giant Zoom was the one that shot to fame during the complete lockdown period in 2020 due to the pandemic. Despite the security flaws, the popularity of the online chat service hit to a different level as a number of people relied on the service to get in touch with their family and colleagues. Not just the family members , but even office colleagues managed to get along and discuss work online. To spice things up, Zoom had the ‘space’ image for virtual background which remained the only option. But now there are a number of other virtual background effects as well.

However, in order to access them, the user has to update the Zoom to the latest version. Updating the mobile app will automatically display the options. For the desktop version, the user has to hit the profile image on the upper-right corner of the primary window and then select Check for Updates in the menu. But still there is no guarantee if the users will be able to get all the extra and new features by updating to the latest version. It is still best to be updated to the latest version.

After launching a Zoom call, the user can switch on a virtual background by clicking on the arrow besides the video toggle located on the lower left corner. The user can select “Choose Virtual Background” and then a number of options would be showed that will include a pleasant beach as well as a simpler blur background. The features do not end here.

There is also another option known as Studio Effects that is located on the lower right corner and you could access a pop-out sidebar that can allow the users to have a new mustache, eyebrows, beard or a new lip color. But these fun options are certainly not for the office meetings so make sure that you uncheck all the these options before you join an office meet.

Photo Credits: The Economic Times

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