Google takes down the mask and vaccination mandate for its employees


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread the virus across the globe, but things are a little better compared to what it was nearly two years back. That was when a number of companies had allowed their employees to work from home as a safety measure and had shut down the offices. But now with the rollout the vaccines and different treatment options, the companies are gaining confidence to call back their employees to the ground level. Search engine giant Google has made an announcement that it will no longer mandate the COVID-19 vaccines to be a condition for the workers based in the United States.

Moreover, the company will not require the already vaccinated employees to wear masks, maintain social distance or get tested while working at majority of its offices. The offices which are in line with the local COVID guidance and requirements will no longer require the employees to follow social distancing rules or wear masks. But still the employees who are not vaccinated and are approved to enter the offices, would still need to follow the mask regulations and will have to get tested. The employees who are not vaccinated will not be given access to the offices of Google.

A spokesperson from Google in an emailed statement said that based on the current conditions in the Bay Area, the employees who have decided to come in will be able to have access to more onsite spaces and services to work and connect with their colleagues within the company. The statement added that they are giving a chance to the employees who wish to get back to the offices and are not ready to work from home any longer.

The search engine giant had earlier sent out a message that the company employees could be fired or lose pay, if they do not comply with the coronavirus vaccination rules. The recent news has come out after Amazon has dropped its mask mandate. Some of the big cities across the US no longer require a proof of vaccination and masks.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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