Apple iOS Operating System Market Tops In The US, Leaves Behind Android And BlackBerry

Gadget Herald: The Apple iOS operating system market has certainly topped the list of users in the US, and has left behind the Google Android and RIM BlackBerry operating systems. Android and BlackBerry are doing way better than the iOS in the global market but certainly not on the American soil. According to the Nielsen report, the iOS has taken a chunk of 28.6% in the smartphone operating system share in the US.

At no.2 is the Research In Motion’s BlackBerry operating system which hold a 26.1% share in the market, which is closely followed by Google Androids 25.8%. The share chunk of Android and BlackBerry is not way too less from the Apple’s iOS and yes there is credible threat to Apple, if they don’t evolve something better than its competitors.

The evaluation has been done with the data which has been collected in the span of six months, as a result the iOS is declared the winner. But one should not underestimate the capability and standard of BlackBerry and Google for they will surely come up with something that should compete very strongly against Apple’s future products.

Source: Cnet

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