Apple Safari iOS 6 to have Google Street View? The Safari web browser of Apple will soon have Google’s Street View in the upcoming weeks. While talking about Google Maps, a NYT writer said, “You can still use Google’s maps – on the Web. You won’t get spoken directions, but you’ll get written directions, public transportation details, live traffic reports and, of course, Google’s far superior maps and data.”

The writer added, “In two weeks, you’ll be able to get Street View this way, too, says Google.” But Google, on the other hand, refused to confirm the news and said that they cannot confirm it at present as they do not have anything to announce.

If the reports are true then it would be good news for the IOS upgraders who were recently disappointed by the Apple’s disappointing new Maps service. Last week Apple launched its Maps application.

But the launch had met with several criticism for its inaccurate locations and directions along with the lack of public transport information. The search engine giant, on September 26, 2012, said that it will not be bringing its Google Maps app back to IOS 6 anytime soon. This might be a good move on Google’s part as it might draw the users away from IOS to its Google Maps equipped Android Operating System.


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