Google swallows Viewdle, photo tagging now easier than ever

Rumors have been doing the rounds that facial recognition technology company ‘Viewdle’ may be swallowed up by US Giant Google’s Motorola Mobility. According to a Motorola spokesperson, Motorola Mobility has now announced that they have acquired Viewdle as of October 3, 2012. The spokesperson also mentioned that both Motorola and Viewdle have an existing commercial agreement and that they have been in collaboration for a while now.


On Monday CNET had reported that Google was closing in on the deal to acquire the Ukrainian facial recognition technology maker, whose Viewdle products allow you to automatically tag photos. Even as Google was acquiring Motorola last year, they were already in talks with Viewdle for more than a year, according to our sources.

With this new technology in its stables, Google makes it almost too easy for its users of Google+, Picasa, Android and its other services to automatically tag photos of people, thus displaying a range of inter-operable software. Facebook also had a slice of the photo tagging pie, when it bought complete with its auto-tagging app ‘Photo Tagger’.

Although the final purchase price is not publicly known yet, it is expected to be between a $30 million and $40 million buyout according to popular estimators.

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