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PlayStation 3 (PS3) Hack Is One Of The Biggest Yet

Gadget Herald: The PlayStation 3 (PS3) hack which has been successfully done is said to be the biggest hack against Sony till date. A hacking group called ‘failoverflow’ is said to have engineered a technique, which has successfully provided them access into the device’s private software keys, which Sony uses to execute a programme, and it includes games and operating systems.

The group says that it has done this hack, in order to restore the Linux operating system’s functionality, but what is concerning Sony now is the modification that hackers have done with the PS3. This will now allow the users to run unauthenticated discs on the system, as PS3 ran only legal discs on its hardware.

This has alerted Sony as it will cripple its retail industry by large, but the hackers have said that they will not be releasing this firmware, for now. What will really tend to be interesting to see, is that if the group somehow release the firmware, how will Sony counter attack this.

Source: GamePro

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