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Gaikai plans to enhance Sony end-user experience with cloud-based services

Ever since electronics giant Sony acquired cloud-gaming company ‘Gaikai’, there was a lot of speculation as to how Gaikai would be used by Sony to further their purposes. It was envisioned that Sony might use the cloud-based services of Gaikai for next-generation purposes to be assimilated with PlayStation 4.

There are a number of possibilities of how Gaikai could be used, such as the possible introduction of a streaming service that is time-based, safe and of higher quality in terms of graphics and gaming content. Gaikai spoke about how games are usually uploaded to their data centres around the world and then streamed to internet-capable devices via high-end servers, in an interactive manner. They claimed to be able to stream the world’s most graphically rich video games and content to almost any device anywhere.

Gaikai went on to mention that by using their engineering talent and cloud based expertise, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) would be able to expand, allow their developers additional freedom and be able to generate a better entertainment experience to SCE’s end-users worldwide.

There is still a while before Sony will make known its plans for the service and how it will integrate with PlayStation 4, Vita, PS3 and other such devices, however this marks a big step towards the future and the concept of cloud-gaming, which looks set to be the next-big-thing in the world of online gaming.

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