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Review – Forza Horizon: One of the best world-racers this year

Forza Horizon is one of the best open-world racer games for the year, with great attention to detail and smoother driving control the game is set to take you into the sunset feeling like a million bucks. The game sucks you into its very realistic ambiance and gives you a unique playing experience you will not find with too many other titles.

Playground Studios have taken things a notch higher with the Forza Horizon release. Graphics and visuals have always been the strength of the Forza racing series and Horizon carries on the legacy, albeit with better sound quality and greater attention to detail, which makes for a great gaming experience overall.

In keeping the physics and gaming engine from Forza 4, Horizon carries forward the realistic driving experience, only this time they throw in the beautiful Colorado landscape, compete with deserts and mountains. You almost feel you should dust your clothes off and shake out all that sand in your hair.

Another plus point to look out for is the night driving mode. You actually feel the thrill of turning on those big headlights and revving the engine while maneuvering through deserted streets. The lit up dashboard only helps to keep things real. There are various game modes to get into including festival racing and street racing, allowing you to take on any of the other 249 racers cruising around Colorado with you.

The only downside to the game is the sometimes repetitive game-play and some niggles with the multi-player mode. Overall however, there are very few who can actually stand up to Forza Horizon in terms of just giving you a great drive against the great backdrop of Colorado.

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