Klipsch S4i Rugged earphones – Smartly designed

The Klipsch S4i Rugged in-ear headphones are a comfortably fitting piece of audio equipment, which have great value for money. They are similar to the S4i model, but are sturdier and have a new sweat-resistant design. The S4i Rugged is intended to be a more robust option, as compared to their S4 and S4i.

The S4i Rugged comes in various colours, including yellow, red, orange and blue. On the downside, the earphones may not be compatible with all Android-based devices, but have been custom-made to fit Apple equipment.

Another downside is the straight plug. L-Shaped plugs tend to last longer, and this could be something the Klipsch team could look at in the future.

The new earphones look sportier, have a sweat resistant design, and have stronger rubber moldings which allow them to be used in all weather conditions.

The angle at which the earphones fit make them quite comfortable, they also have the benefit of 3 different sizes of silicone ear-tips, which provide great sealant against external sounds as well. The remote, which is part of the tubular wiring, has three large buttons, which can be controlled easily while outdoors.

While running, the headphones tend to hang loosely and cause unwanted sounds as a result of the cord touching parts of clothing, but it will perform well in the gym or for general use at home. The earphones do come with a neat little case, which is quite useful for storage.

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