Apple pulls patent notice from its UK website after Samsung objects to its content

Apple has taken down a legal notice from its UK website stating that Samsung had not infringed on its copyrights. The tech giant was earlier ordered to put the notice up, as part of a copyright case between the two device manufacturers.

According to reports, Apple has pulled the notice as it was asked to change its wordings, as Samsung had objected to some of its content. The two tech heavyweights have been slugging it out in courts across the world in regards to patents, as both companies claim that the other had infringed on their copyrights.

In the US, Samsung was forced to pay Apple $1 billion in damages for patent infringement; however in the UK the courts required that Apple put up a public apology to Samsung on their website. The October 18, 2012 ruling in the UK found that Samsung had not infringed any of Apple’s products and that the iPhone manufacturer had to put up notices in various publications to the same effect.

Apple put up a notice on its UK website which briefly outlined that Samsung’s tablets were not as cool as Apple’s products and that they lacked the extreme simplicity. The notice went on to say that courts in other countries have found that Samsung had indeed copied Apple’s design and that the court in the UK did not see things the same way.

Samsung objected to these statements saying that parts of the notice were untrue and that the notice was in breach of the order.

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