Finally a gadget to find your lost keys – Gadget Hound looking for investors

A new gadget has been developed for people who lose things frequently. Gadget Hound will find your keys, wallet, glasses and anything else that you might misplace on a daily basis. The device consists of a transmitter and a few round black receivers, all about the size of a quarter. The way the system functions is that you would need to stick the receivers on anything that you tend to misplace and then press a button on the transmitter to locate the missing object.

According to reports, the device can function in a space as big as 3000 square feet. It is possible to assign different buttons on the transmitter to different objects, which would make it easier to locate them. As soon as you press the button corresponding to the lost object an alarm on the device gets triggered and begins to sound, making it easy to track.

The device manufacturer says that the signal can be transmitted through closed doors and walls as well. In the past there have been similar less functional devices that did something similar, such as a keychain that set off an alarm when someone whistled or clapped their hands.

The device is on Indiegogo currently and is seeking funding. If you shell out $99 you will get the standard version with four receivers, however you can get the six receiver version for $129. In the 117 days that are remaining for the project on the site, it has raised a little over USD 620 and it has some way to go to reach its USD 60,000 goal.

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