Android and Apple grab higher market shares this year

According to new research, three out of four smartphones that have been sold in the third quarter of the year ran on Google’s Android operating system.


Last year, Android’s share of the world-wide market was 57.5 percent, this year it it occupies 75 percent of the market. These numbers follow a report from the IDC, which state that 136 million Android smartphones were sold in the third quarter.

The report went on to say that Apple has also experienced an increase in growth. Last year the US tech giant reported a 13.8 percent share of the market, whereas this year it has reported a 14.9 percent share around the same time.

Symbian based OS’ faced a sharp decline, as did Blackberry devices. Kevin Restivo, who is an analyst with IDC stated that a major part of the Android’s success is because it could integrate with Google’s online maps and search engine.

The report went on the mention that other phone OS’ do not make use of Google’s online products with the same effect that Android does. This has resulted in the popularity of previously popular devices such as Symbian based Nokia phones facing a downfall.

Moreover, the Android OS is available to manufacturers free of cost, it is easy to develop and earns money online through advertising. All these factors have contributed to its success.

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