Ford C-Max review – Scores some points over Toyota’s Prius v

Ford has launched its new environmentally friendly car – the C-Max. The new hybrid is not the easiest on the eye, but it has a good engine and is ‘greener’ than most hybrids on the market.

Ford has been trying to take on Toyota’s Prius v, a name that is now famous for how easy it is on the environment. With the C-Max it does cover a lot of ground and scores a few points over Toyota’s famous car as well.

The C-Max will reach speeds of up to 60 mph within 8.2 seconds from a complete halt. The Prius v manages the same speeds in around 10 mph. The C-max also scores over the Prius v in terms of mileage, as it clocks 47 mpg in and out of the city, whereas the Prius scores 44 mpg and 40 mpg respectively.

The C-Max comes fitted with a 2 litre, inline four-cylinder gas engine and its electric motor sustains a 1.4-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery. The hybrid has continuously variable transmission (CVT) with a total horsepower of 188, which is 54 horsepower more than the Prius v.

The powertrain for the C-Max comes in two models; the Hybrid SE starts at USD 25,995, whereas for USD 3,745 you can get the C-Max Energi, which is a plug-in hybrid. The later will go 21 miles without switching to gas and can be charged via a 120 V or 240 V outlet.

In-all if you are looking for a alternative to the Prius v, the Ford C-Max is the car for you. It does have a faster and greener drivetrain than the Prius, which is seals the deal in the end.

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