BlackBerry PlayBook’s Battery Life Could Be Hampered By Adobe Flash Application

Gadget Herald: Analysts state that the Adobe Flash application in Research in Motion’s, BlackBerry PlayBook, can cost the device’s battery life, this is the latest warning that has been received against the Canadian technology manufacturer. The battery performance of the device will surely be hampered by the usage of Adobe Flash, as the company is trying to outwit the Apple iPad in terms of performance and quality.

The officials from RIM have stated, saying the poor battery performance in the device is the result to the usage of Adobe Flash. Analysts say that one can notice the consumption of battery even in the MacBook Air, as Adobe Flash can literally reduce the battery life to half. This concludes the Flash software is indeed pulling the life out of the batteries when used.

RIM engineers state the PlayBook’s battery will not be able to catch up with Apple iPad’s ten hour battery life but will stand head over head against the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s six hour battery backup. Apple uses unmatched core technology, which saves battery over any sort of application usage on the device, and this is why it is outperforms everyone today.

Source: teleclick

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