Analysts speculate Apple TV is just round the corner

Apple is set to release its very own TV set according to report from analysts Jefferies and Co. James Kisner from the analyst company said in a note to investors, that the technology giant Apple might be testing a new device with cable technology company Arris Group.

According to Kisner, at least one North American multiple systems operator was testing to see how much bandwidth would be needed on their broadband network to test a new Apple device that may be on the cards. Kisner went on to say that they believe this new device could be the rumored Apple TV and if released, it could be a big benefit to Arris, who work with providers such as Comcast.

In the past there has been speculation as to whether Apple would be releasing a device that would take the place of set-top boxes or if the company would be releasing their own TV. The basis of these assumptions lies in a conversation the late Steve Jobs had with biographer Walter Isaacson. The late co-founder of Apple said that he had wanted to create an easy-to-use integrated TV set and that he had finally managed to make some progress with it.

Apple has however put out three generations of set-top boxes in the past. Even though the company says that its set-top boxes are a hobby at this stage, it looks as though they might take things a step further soon.

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