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Game-Changing Nintendo Wii U launches in the US

Nintendo launched its new gaming console on November 18, 2012, known as the Wii U. The Nintendo World Store in Manhattan witnessed a huge line of people on Saturday night, as they prepared themselves for the most anticipated gaming console of the year.  The Wii U is set to appeal to serious gamers as well as its past audience, which also comprises of casual game players.

Gaming trends have been changing of late and videogame console sales have been dropping as well. Surprisingly this could be a good platform the Wii U, as people look for a change in a stagnating console market. According to analysts, the Wii U could do really well this holiday season, but sales may taper off in 2013. However, there will be an immense challenge in front of Nintendo, to be able to cajole users into buying their new console over a tablet such as the iPad.

People in the age group of 5 years to 95 years have now shifted to playing games on social networking sites such as Facebook and have started using iPad’s and other such tablet computers. However the $300 iPad does have positive aspects such as ‘asymmetrical game play’, which allows separate users playing a game on the same system to have different gaming objectives.

According to research from IHS iSupply, the Wii U could sell up to 3.5 million units worldwide by the end of 2012.

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