Apple jumps on Black Friday bandwagon – Discounts on most products today

Tech giants Apple have now kicked off their Black Friday sale as well on November 23, 2012. Apple fans have been looking forward to the company’s holiday season shopping offers. Prices have been slashed for a day on iPods, iPads, Macs and other such Apple products on their web-store and physical stores as well.

 Some notable discounts are USD 31 off a USD 299 iPod Touch, USD 41 off a USD 499 Retina display iPad, USD 31 off a USD 399 iPad 2, among other discounts. Even the company’s laptops are on sale with the Retina display MacBook Pro getting USD 100 shaved off its in-store price of USD 1,699; USD 101 knocked off a USD 999 MacBook Air and USD 101 taken off a USD 1,199 MacBook Pro.

The iPhone and the iPad mini are not seeing any discounts this year, possibly due to the fact that new versions of these products have just been launched and the company would look to post some earnings on them.

Apple’s online store began offering Black Friday deals as of 12 am PST on November 23, 2012, with physical stores remaining open till 12 am on Saturday November 24, 2012.

Apart from the Apple stores themselves, other retail stores have been offering major discounts on Apple products as well. People who shop around a bit would be able to procure a good deal, possibly better than the ones offered by the company itself.

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